Sunday, March 18, 2012

Keeping Up on a Sleepless Life

Ever feel like you are miserable because of things around you are tearing apart, feeling like you have no thing to bring anyone's smile, it's just you and your mind talking to each other like what insane people do. so this is how i'm feeling recently. in fact the less people around me, the worse i bring my mind to chaos. it's like i'm feeling everything. i used to put my enormous smile almost everytime in my old days and now i'm wondering what has just happened to me and who stole that smile away.

Somehow things went up differently in the few last days. i feel like my problems are the biggest and at the same time i lost my sight of the God who is way bigger than those. the time when i think that way is the time when i'm falling to the lowest ground.

Once, i was trying to go back to where i was standing. i was faced to the same problem which is huge with the same anxious feeling, but the time when i let myself to remember it quite more detail, i suddenly realize that i wasn't this miserable. after that without thinking of anything i questioned myself why.
honestly at first i realized if it's myself who created the monsters inside me. and second i used to be close to God but now i'm finding myself far. it's not that i'm fanatic but this is the truth. i realized if it's me who started the fire, i won't be this miserable if i kept holding on Him who is bigger than anything else. that time i made a decision to go back near to Him who created me. i've tried but then i failed, is still see things like the way it used to be and i ain't feel nothing different. maybe it's because i'm still doing my sin. to be honest, it is not as easy as writing or saying it. but in the end i said to myself that i will keep working on my relationship with God. it may not easy but with Him everything is possible.
now about the monsters who i created by myself, it's not that i'm building my own monster like you people see on cartoon ir movies. by this monster word i meant things that worry me. to be honest my scores are burnt on fire. in the morning when i remembered school and my scores it's like i'm better having myself go back to sleep and shatter them away. but on second taught it was not the right thing to do. running away from your problem is not a way of solving. you're just making it bigger and stronger. and now i've decided to face it and study a lot more harder since i don't want to fail in anything. not just about my school life, i have so much things that worry me like my familu, my friends. maybe from now on people who read this might call me an overthinker. i put too much things on my head and now i'm trying to delete it one by one so i might have less thing to carry on my head.

And now i wish that i'll get what i want and going back on track where i used to walk on as soon as possible and now i'm working on it.

Somehow writing on a blog is like talking to a friend who can listen everything even though they can't reply back because sometimes all you need is they who listen instead of advices.

So this is the end of my post. thanks for spending your precious time on reading my words. have yourself a good life :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Keep Calm

Today I decide to post stuffs about "Keep Calm". I bet most of you people have noticed keep calm posters everywhere. but did you know about the story behinds it?

So this is where it begins, Keep Calm and Carry On was firstly made in 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War. The poster was initially produced by the Ministry of Information but the real designer is not known. It was made in order to strengthen morale in the event of a wartime disaster. 2,500,000 copies were printed, but they have only distributed it in limited numbers. Keep Calm posters was the third design after "Freedom Is In Peril. Defend It With All Your Might" (400,000 printed) and "Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory" (800,000 printed). They were start planning the posters in April 1939 and by June the designs were prepared. In the August 1939, they were ready to printed it up. The posters were designed uniquely so that people can recognized it well, with a message from the King to his people. An icon of a crown was chosen to head the poster. These posters were designed as "a statement of the duty of the individual citizen".

In 2000, a copy of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was rediscovered in a secondhand bookshop named Barter Book. Since the copyright expires after 50 years, the image is now available in public. The store's owners named Stuart and Mary Manley, were reprinted the copies to fulfill the customer's request inside outside Britain. It has inspired ranges of clothing, mugs, doormats, baby clothes and other merchandise from various vendors, as well as a book of motivational quotations. the parodies are also available.

If you're wondering how people made it or how to make one, you can visit here. The blog was named The Keep Calm-O-Matic. Here's some of the screenshots.

But if you're having iPod, iPhone or iPad you can download it in app store. the name is keep calm and carry on. it costs $99. but you can search for the free one though. here's some of the screenshots.

and this is some of mine.

Also visit keep calm official website you can either request or purchased things with keep calm written on it and i think that's all. I hope it helps and give you some information. Thanks for reading. Feel free to post some comments. :-)

Decided to Arouse It Back Alive

After abandoning this blog for months, I've decided to bring it back alive again. The main reason why I abandoned this, is because I have too little time to arrange these blogger things, but now I'm back. it feels like I'm making a new blog since I've remodel it from head to toe, lol. by saying head to toe, i meant every single thing in it. As l was saying, I'm going to post some hotchpotch things after this. Thank you for visiting. If you have things on mind to say, contact me via e-mail or via twitter I'll be available in both account. Thanks!